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Middletown Country Club

Middletown is a compact 80 acres of challenging golf, with rolling hills and large specimen trees that have watched many golfers travel its fairways over time. It has retained its old time feel with tees and greens in close proximity, allowing golfers to walk the course if they choose.

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Tour Edge offers technology, playability

Written by Bob Oliver on .

In the world of golf equipment, it's all about getting "the buzz".


Manufacturers spend millions of dollars to get that buzz, paying large endorsement contracts to PGA Tour professionals to play their equipment, wear their logos and make special appearances pushing product.


Endorsements help sales, and with more sales come more endorsements.


Along the merchandising trail there are the outliers, the companies without the eight figure marketing budgets and stable full or stars on their endorsement teams.


Tour Edge golf is a perfect example.


The Midwest company specializes in hi-tech equipment with a modest price point. Quality without the big ticket price tag.


You might not see many professional players pitching Tour Edge products on television, but that doesn't mean they don't play the equipment. While Tour Edge has only LPGA player Stacy Prammanasudh under contract many do play at least one of their superb sticks. Tour Edge equipment is that good.


"We pride ourselves in the design and manufacture of quality equipment with a price point that players can afford," said Tour Edge Founder and Chief Designer David Glod at the 2009 PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, Florida. "We know it's a tough economic environment, but that doesn't mean we won't continue to develop and bring to market outstanding golf equipment."


Glod paused, smiled, and added: "We have some really cool stuff."


Okay, so "Cool Stuff" isn't a technical term, but it sure highlights Tour Edge's offerings. The company has a knack for developing technologically advanced equipment that everyday players, and professionals, marvel about.


It's "Exotics" line continues to exhibit some of the finest crafted clubs around. Superb design, using the most innovative technology, brings playability and engineering together and places it in the fingertips of golfers.


The XCG-V driver combines a titanium cup face, ultra light magnesium crown and a bit of high density steel sole plate. This combination raises the bar on distance and accuracy, allowing the golf ball to explode off the club face. It also offers a larger sweet spot - hot zone for impressive power on non-perfect hits.


The clubs are a unique blend of feel and playability and have been getting rave reviews from all who give them a try.


But drivers aren't the sole champion of the Exotics line, as the XCG-V fairway clubs have drawn praise by professionals and amateurs alike. The easy to hit clubs offer superb forgiveness.


"We are very excited about the fairways woods," added Glod. "We were above to use more titanium in the cup and neck which saves weight. That allows for a more boring flight and outstanding performance."


Exotics wood sales are up 40% over the last year, an indicator that stellar performance and an attractive price point results in more sales...even in a difficult economy.


The drive comes with either graphite or Aldila Voodoo 65 gram shaft and retail for a little less than $500 while fairway woods retail for about $370.


While at the PGA Show I demoed the Exotics XLD-LS lightweight driver and came away more than impressed. The head's pentagon shape leads to a more sloping crown, and that moves the center of gravity even deeper in the head for optimal trajectory. My swing speed increased several miles-per-hour, and with a little trial and error, found optimal trajectory for my swing with the 10.5 degree model.


texld-ls.jpgThe super-thin club face, which features brand spanking new CNC milled beta-titanium, allows for superior distance and outstanding control. The shaft is 46 inches, with ultra-light 50-gram graphite. The combination results in remarkable stability, resistance to twisting and, for me, more length off the tee.


The faster club speed came with no more effort, and the results were amazing. Even off center hits found their way into playability. What's more, the XLD-LS retails for less than $300. Clearly, the XLD-LS is "Best of Show" for 2009.


The beauty of Tour Edge Golf is that it remembers its roots. Of course, it provides clubs that are technologically advanced. But the clubmaker consistency used top of the line technology to trickle down to its less expensive lines of clubs. The Bazooka line offers high quality at a lower price.


The Bazooka irons offer outstanding accuracy and extreme forgiveness, but what's even more impressive is their feel. These are not cheap sticks, they are technology at its best with a reasonable cost point.


The Bazooka line also offers a combination set of clubs is an outstanding value. The QLS Combo takes hard to hit long irons out of one's bag and replaces them with wonderful, easy to strike hybrids. The line allows for perfect integration of hybrids and short irons, allowing the player to have confidence in every club in the bag.


The advance design of the Bazooka GeoMax 2 irons combine power and forgiveness with a high MOI. This club delivers maximum performance for those in need of a game-improvement iron.


bazooka.jpgThe JMax iron-wood is one of the easiest irons to hit, getting the ball airborne quickly and ending up softly on greens. The beauty of these clubs is the ability to mix iron-woods and traditional looking irons in the same set.


Tour Edge Golf offers innovative clubs which will help players of all abilities excel. Outstanding drivers, fairway woods, hybrids, irons, wedges, putters and even a nifty chipper are available. The company also has other golf equipment in its arsenal, including bags and apparel.


To see all the clubs in the Tour Edge arsenal check out But better yet, head over to a golf retailer or demo day to check out the feel and performance of the outstanding sticks. You won't be disappointed.