Golf Bucks County

By Bob Oliver

Middletown Country Club

Middletown is a compact 80 acres of challenging golf, with rolling hills and large specimen trees that have watched many golfers travel its fairways over time. It has retained its old time feel with tees and greens in close proximity, allowing golfers to walk the course if they choose.

The Traveling Golfer

With host Tony Leodora will travel both near and far to bring viewers a look at some of the most spectacular golf destinations in the world!

30 Jan

Sun Mountain sparkles at PGA Show

Written by Bob Oliver

ORLANDO, FL. --- The first thing one notices when entering the Orange County Convention Center is how massive it is.


And when the PGA Merchandise Show is in town, its endless aisles are chock full of everything related to golf.


Golf clubs and accessories, fashions and gadgets, they are all here.


18 Feb

Different horses for different courses?

Written by Bob Oliver

There is an old adage that implies there are different horses for different courses.

In golf, that's true.

Well, maybe not for Tiger Woods, who wins anywhere any everywhere around the world. But even Mr. Woods has a mastery over the Firestone Country Club where he's won 6 of his 62 PGA Tour victories.

09 Jun

Shore Gate a seashore must play

Written by Bob Oliver



It doesn't take long upon arriving at the Shore Gate Golf Club to notice a few things:


  • it located in Ocean View, just a good driver and a long iron away from the Garden State Parkway, but there is no view of the ocean.
18 May

The Ace Report

Written by Liam Oliver

There is no question that bagging a hole-in-one is a golfer's dream.

Bottom line? It's not easy, it takes skill and luck...mostly luck. The odds of a PGA Tour professional getting an ace is about 3,800-to-one, while the offs of an amateur getting an ace is nearly 13,000-to-one.

Just under 60 aces are annually reported and verified on area courses or by local players. These aces are hard to get, yet numerous players find a way to secure that elusive hole-in-one. Players as young as eight or as "experienced" as more than 900 have reported their aces to us. The majority are on par-3 holes, but we've had aces on par-4 holes reported as well. The majority are first timers, but several have scored more than one ace.

The all-time high for area acers was 2008, with 74 listed, while 60 were recorded in 2009. Over the years about 12 percent of those reported were struck my women, while 88 percent were by men. Former Jericho National pro Bob Bonner has 12 reported aces to his credit, while Mike Rose has nine aces. Ed Partyka has five reported aces and Louis Repas and Herb Rolland each have four. Rolland scored his last ace at age 84, while Zachary Herr and Dan Duffy were 13-years-old when they scored their first ace. Justin Friedman, in 2007, scored his first ace at age 8 at Makefield Highlands.

In November, 2009, Mark Grilli and Ron McAllister completed a 17-million-to-1 feat at Bensalem. Playing in the same foursome, each scored a hole-in-one on the 11th hole. At Middletown in 2012, Ross White and Ron Aller, playing in different groups, scored aces within an hour of each other.

August 2010 saw incoming Central Bucks East sophomore Brandon Walker score two aces in a single round, scoring hole-in-ones on the 13th and 16th holes at The Bucks Club.

Par-4 holes are not immune from being bested in one shot. The opening hole at Bensalem Township Municipal was bested by Chris Peterson, whose 303-yard drive started its round in the hole.

In the 1987 Philadelphia Amateur, Jay Sigel aced the demanding 14th hole at Torresdale-Frankford, a 212-yard tournament test, with a five iron shot.

Nationwide, the all-time reported leader in aces among amateur was Norman Manley, who has 59 to his credit, while professional Mancil Davis is credited with 51. The oldest person to score a hole-in-one was 102-years-young Elsie McLean (101-yard hole with a driver).  

We at recognize these players below with a listing of area golfers who have scored a hole-in-one since 1990! 

Bensalem Township Country Club


John Lotkowki, 4th hole, 150-yards, 8 iron; Vinay Shah, 6th hole, 190-yards, 5 iron; Leonard Knobbs, 11th hole, 144-yards, 9 iron; Timothy Scanlan, 6th hole, 162-yards, 3 iron. 


Jeff ALtomare, 4th hole, 146-yards, 6 iron; Dave Maurer, 4th hole, 146-yards, 8 iron.


Richard Charlino, 14th hole, 205-yards


The Bucks Club  

Doylestown Country Club

Fairways Golf and Country Club


Joe Downey, 4th hole, 161-yards; 

Scott Paxton, 9th hole, 133-yards

Patrick Killian, 12th hole, 139-yards

Rick Keesport, 15th hole, 113-yards


Ken Embenshade, 3rd hole, 109-yards

Dave Cotter, 3rd hole, 109-yards

Rick Burns, 3rd hole, 109-yards

George Benigno, 3rd hole, 109-yards

Paul Zakrezewski, 7th hole, 168-yards

Scott Miller, 7th hole, 168-yards

Rick Keesport, 12th hole, 139-yards

Geoff Geyser, 14th hole, 134-yards

Richie Walsh, 14th hole, 134-yards

Mike Demeo, 14th hole, 134-yards

Doug Weinstein, 15th hole, 113-yards

Five Ponds


Joe Svetik


Richard Hooper, 7th hole, 145-yards, hybrid

Nick DeChristopher

Phil Klein

Bob Conzelman

Heritage Creek

2016: Linda Benjamin, 4th hole, 102 yards, driver

2015: Harvey Masterson

2014: Chester DiMelgio.

Jericho National Golf Club

Jane Fisher, 5th hole, 135-yards, Hybrid


Gregg Cady

Lookaway Golf Club


Mike Rose, 15th hole, 160-yards, 6 iron

Makefield Highlands Golf Club


Phil Ventigli, 8th hole, 168 yards, 4 hybrid

Middletown Country Club

Neshaminy Valley Golf Club


Northampton Valley Country Club


Jung Park, 3rd hole, 172-yards, 5 iron; Doug Callantine, 5th hole, 171-yards, 7 wood. 



Steve Bacovin, 3rd hole, 190-yards, 3-hybrid

Dave Drabot, 3rd hole, 190-yards, 7 wood

Pat Gill, 5th hole, 170-yards, 6 iron 

Charles Gerlach, 18th hole, 184-yards, 4-hybrid



Tom Kothe, 3rd hole, 176-yards, 5 iron

Erik Greene, 15th hole, 145-yards, 8 iron 


Dave Drabot, 3rd hole, 190-yards, 7 wood

Liz Walsh, 5th hole, 146-yards (red tees), driver (third ace of career)

Dan Whitaker, 15th hole, 155-yard senior tees, driver

Dave Drabot, 15th hole, 161-yards, 5 iron

Oxford Valley Golf Club


Johnny Poston, 4th hole, 140-yards, 7 iron

Spring Mill Country Club

Torresdale-Frankford Country Club

Trenton Country Club

Yardley Country Club


Leslie Daveler, 15th hole, 125-yards, 6 iron


Pre-2014 Aces

2013: 33 Aces Reported: Fairways: 3rd hole: Bud Hoss, 109-yards; Connie Osborn, 109-yards; Paul Patent, 109-yards; Ray McClairin, 109-yards; 4th hole: Robert Turchick, 161-yards; 7th hole; Peter Lutes, 168-yards; 9th hole: Randy Martin, 133-yards; Jack Sanders, 133-yards, 8 iron; Mark DiLuigi, 133-yards; 12th hole: Shelly Means,  139-yards; 14th hole: Earl Hansen, 134-yards; 15th hole: Frank Collins, Jr., 113-yards; Eric Maier, 113-yards; Ed Nieznay, 113-yards; Jericho National: Jim Hanlan, Chris Beck; Middletown: Ron Johnson, 8th hole, 159-yards, 7 iron; Neshaminy Valley: Robert "Ace" Johnson; Northampton Valley:  3rd hole: 192-yards, 5 iron; 5th hole: Paul Rosenbaum, 175-yards, 3 wood; Logan Fuglestad, 190-yards, 3 wood; Tim Snee, 168-yards, 6 iron; Joe Saracino, 190-yards, 5 wood; 15th hole: John Musgrove, 170-yards, 8 iron; Oxford Valley: Carrie Silverman, 4th hole, 140-yards, 5 iron; Yardley: 9th hole: Frank Petrecco, Keith Lewis, Doug Elliott, 129-yards; 15th hole: Kyle Sterbinsky, 149-yards. Traveling Golfers: Pinecrest: Doylestown's Timothy Murphy, 15th hole, 105-yards, 9 iron; Shannondell Club: Churchville's Paul Flannery, 12th hole, 147-yards, 7 iron; Greg Jarmas, 5th hole, Aronimink. 

2012: 46 aces reported: Bensalem: Ann Rogers, 4th hole, 125-yards, 9 wood; Jeff Rigney, 11th hole, 144-yards, 9 iron.  Fairways: Henry Areia, 3rd hole, 109-yards; Connie Osborn, 3rd hole, 109-yards; Joe Boerner, Sr., 4th hole, 161-yards; Tony Picoari, 7th hole, 168-yards; Jay Meikrantz, 7th hole, 168-yards; Rose Tesoro, 9th hole, 133-yards; Phil Riccardi, 14th hole, 134-yards; Frank Collins, Jr., 14th hole, 134-yards; Gayle Scott, 15th hole, 113-yards; Vince McClarin, 15th hole, 113-yards. Jericho National: 12th hole: Steven Tettelbaum, 104-yards, pitching wedge; Tony Catelli, Bryan Knight;  Makefield Highlands:  Harjot Attri, 3rd hole, 132-yards, 8 iron; Morgan Maxwell, 3th hole, 132-yards, 9 iron; Ed Cochrane, 3rd hole, 148-yards, 3 hybrid; John Creamer, 8th hole, 149-yards, 7 iron; Mary Ellen Wells, 8th hole, 135-yards, 7 iron; Andrew McLean, 8th hole, 168-yards, 4-iron; Mike Moore, 14th hole, 192-yards, 3 wood; James Martin, 14th hole, 192-yards, 5 iron; Ann Provenzano, 17th hole, 116-yards, 9 iron; Faisal Ali, 17th hole, 133-yards, 8 iron; Jack Wozniak, 17th hole, 133-yards, 8 iron; Andrew McLean, 133-yards, 6 iron.  Middletown: Judy Prendergast, 6th hole, 100-yards, 7 iron; Ross White, 8th hole, 159-yards, 7 iron; Don Aller, 14th hole, 184-yards, driver; Walter Madden, 14th hole, 221-yards, 5 wood; Neshaminy Valley: Max Johnson, 17th hole, 130-yards, pitching wedge; Spike Wilson, 17th hole, 130-yards, 9 iron. Northampton ValleyThomas Charpentier, 3rd hole, 170-yards, 5 wood; Bob Callahan, 5th hole, 170-yards, 5 iron; Dave Vimislik, 5th hole, 170-yards, 5 iron; Bill Kelly, 5th hole, 165-yards, 4 iron; Tom Kelly, 15th hole, 170-yards, 5 iron; Don Clark, 15th hole, 162-yards, 9 iron. Oxford Valley: Carol Slawinski, 4th hole, 138-yards, 5 iron; Michael Cordo, 4th hole, 140-yards, 9 iron. Yardley: Jerry Mignogna, 15th hole, 141-yards, 7 iron; Phil Liedtka, 15th hole, 141-yards, 7 iron; Marc Puricelli, 15th hole, 141-yards, 6 iron. Traveling Golfers: Gilbertsville:Pipersville's Timothy Trigg Yanka, 7th hole, 131-yards, 9 iron; Spring Hollow: Warminster's Nan Luff, 18th hole 95-yards, 7 iron.  

2011: 53 aces reported -  Bensalem: Rick French, 4th hole, 145-yards, 8 iron; Frank Morrow, 4th hole, 145-yards, 7 iron; John Bradley, 4th hole, 145-yards, 7 iron; Zach Davis, 4th hole, 145-yards, 8 iron; Matt Donnelly, 11th hole, 144-yards, 9 wood  Fairways: Larry Kaul, 3rd hole, 109-yards; Ken Biddle, 3rd hole, 113-yards; Gene Benamy, 3rd hole, 109-yards; Dave Horner, 9th hole, 133-yards; Wayne Hoch, 12th hole, 139-yards; Bub Hoss, 14th hole, 134-yards; Allen Mosebach, 14th hole, 134-yards; Brandan Grike, 15th hole, 113-yards; Bob Riser, 15th hole, 113-yards; Bud Kanther, 15th hole, 113-yards; Robert Girard, 15th hole, 113-yards, wedge; Sammy Coletti, 15th hole, 113-yards, 9 iron; Five Ponds: Vincent Rizzo, 11th hole, 184-yards, 3 wood; Billy Barankoff, 11th hole, 184-yards, driver; Jericho National: Alan Superfine, 15th hole, 216-yards, 3 wood; Makefield Highlands: Dr. Richard Vassallo, 3rd hole, 132-yards, 7 iron; Doug Wigoff, 3rd hole, 132-yards, 8 iron; Nick Meyer, 3rd hole, 147-yards, 8 iron; Dylan Hansen, 13th hole, 284-yards, driver; Nick Sabatine, 14th hole, 179-yards, 4 hybrid; Andrew Burke, 14th hole, 179-yards, 5 iron; Paul Jacques, 14th hole, 191-yards, 3 wood; Alex Von Rosenberg, 14th hole, 215-yards, 5 wood; Joe Flasser, 14th hole, 179-yards, 4 hybrid; Joe Moser, 17th hole, 162-yards, 5 iron;  Middletown:  Robert Nagle, 8th hole, 159-yards, 5 iron; Bill Barnegat, 8th hole, 159-yards, 7 iron; Neshaminy Valley: Tim Connolly, 15th hole, 165-yards, 4 iron; Karen Thompson, 17th hole, 130-yards, 7 wood; Roger Watson, 17th hole, 130-yards, wedge;
2010: 51 Aces Reported: Bensalem: 4th hole: Billy Lampone, 150-yards, 8 iron; Don Black, 150-yard, 5 iron; Reid Stever, 150-yards, 8 iron; 6th hole: Bob Downs, 183-yards, 3 hybrid; Greg Amey, 183-yards, 5 wood; 14th hole: Russ Gaffney, 210-yards, 3-wood; Bucks Club: 13th hole: Brandon Walker, 201-yards, 4-hybridl; 16th hole: Brandon Walker, 136-yards, 8 iron, Pat Reilly, 136-yards, 8 iron; Doylestown: Allen Mitchell, 2nd hole, 173-yards, 7 iron; Fairways: Ira Saft, 12th hole, 139-yards; Al Ercolani, 15th hole, 113-yards; Jericho National: Tom Silitato (2 in two-week span), Billy Mitchell undisclosed holes; 8th hole: Rob Probst, (par-4) 260-yards, driver; 5th hole: Sharon Brooks, 150-yards: 15th hole: Charles Bancroft, 215-yards, 3 wood; 2nd hole: Erica Herr, 151-yards. Makefield Highlands: 3rd hole: Hans Helmers, 147-yards, 8 iron; Al Speer, 147-yards, 8 iron; Bill Mutcher, 147-yards, 8 iron; 8th hole:  Michael Lang, 193-yards, 5 iron; 14th hole: Bob Liberatore, 179-yards, 4 hybrid; Chris Walsh, 179-yards, 4 iron, Robert Zibelman, 179-yards, 5 hybrid; 17th hole: Sheryl Brady, 116-yards, 8 iron; Dave Klein, 162-yards, 7 iron; Drew Rosen, 133-yards, 8 iron; Middletown: 6th hole: Jack Mager, 165-yards, 5 iron; 8th hole: Bob Campbell, 159-yards, 6 iron; 14th hole: Charlie Scott, 188-yards, 3-wood; Neshaminy Valley: 13th hole: Max Johnson, 130-yards, 9 iron; Corey Deseny, 130-yards, 7 iron; 17th hole: Ed Partyka, 151-yards, 5 iron (5th career ace); Northampton Valley: 5th hole: Irv Megargee, 170-yards, 3 iron; Oxford Valley: 4th hole: John Chaump, Carol Pachon, 180-yards; 9th hole: Eric Peterson, 130-yards. Spring Mill: 12th hole, Paula Dadurka, 140-yards 7 iron; 15th hole: Howard Abrams, 149-yards, 7 iron; Trenton: 5th hole, 182-yards, Jim Benton, 182, 3 iron; Warminster Five Ponds: Liz Walsh.  Traveling Aces: Commonwealth National: Jon Slutzky. 8th hole, 117-yards, wedge; Mountain View: John Kopack, 4th hole, 141-yards, 6 hybrid;  Philmont (North): Bensalem's Jim Meyer, 3rd hole, 150-yards, 4-hybrid;  Riverwinds: Levittown's Chuck Simmonds, 17th hole, 110-yards, 9 iron. St. Catherine's Golf & Country Club: LPGA player Michelle Wie, 11th hole, 181-yards, 5 iron; Sweet Water: Carol Ewashko, 18h hole, 140-yards, 7 wood; Turtle Creek: Zachary Herr, in PIAA District One Championships, 3rd Hole, 136-yards, wedge.


2009: 61 Aces Reported:  Bensalem: Ron Williams, 4th hole, 144-yards, 7 iron; Joe Kraher, 11th hole, 145-yards, 5 iron; Joe Berkauzer, 11th hole, 145-yards, 7 iron; Carole Orsino, 11th hole, 129-yards, 7 iron; Mark Grilli, 11th hole, 157-yards, 8 iron; Ron McAllister, 11th hole, 157-yards, 9 iron; Drew Fedesco, 11th hole, 145-yards, 5 iron The Bucks Club: Ron Fitzgerald, 16th hole, 136-yards, 8 iron; Doylestown: Bill Walker, 2nd hole, in Doylestown Open, 173-yards, 9 iron; Fairways: Louis Repas, 9th hole, 133-yards; Daniel Quimby, 15th hole, 113-yards; Ed Smoluk, 15th hole, 113-yards; Five Ponds:  Jim Ahearn, 11th hole, 180-yards, 4 iron; Jericho National: Terri Keane, 12th hole, 112-yards; David Senior, 12th hole, 136-yards; Lookaway: Cliff Shorr, 2nd hole, 173-yards; Ed Hudson, 2nd hole, 173-yards; Ed McAllister, 2nd hole, 173-yards; Rudy, Haydu, 6th hole, 169-yards; Barry Miller, 11th hole, 157-yards, 6 iron; Makefield Highlands: 8th hole: Matt Lyons, 168-yards, 6 iron: John McDermott, 168-yards, 5 iron; Alan White, 193-yards, 4 iron; 13th hole: Bill Whitbred, 250-yards, driver; 14th hole: Steve Samuel, 178-yards, 3-hybrid; 17th hole: Gerard Vastola, 133-yards, 9 iron; Anthony Spagnolia, 133-yards, pitching wedge; Middletown: 10th hole: Joey Loncosky, IV, 185-yards, 4 iron; Billy Koharsky, 185-yards, three wood; Neshaminy Valley: 15th hole: Steve Neuber, 165-yards, 6 iron; Northampton Valley:  3rd hole: Brad Test, 192-yards, 5 iron; 5th hole: Charles Podlesny, 156-yards, 5 Hybrid; Jeff Arpino, 170-yards, 6 iron; 15th hole: Erik Greene, 170-yards, 6 iron; Herb Rolland, 158-yards, 7 wood (84 years young, 4th career ace; 18th hole: Kim Byeog, 148-yards, driver; John Tole, 18th hole, 158-yards, 5 iron; Oxford Valley: 8th hole: Joe Meyers, 8th hole, 155-yards, 6 iron; Jonathan Lusk, 155-yards, 7 iron; Kelly Church, 135-yards, 7 iron; Spring Mill:  3rd hole: Betsy Bergmann, 178-yards, driver; 5th hole: Mike Blake, 169-yards, 4 iron; Torresdale-Frankford: 9th hole: Eileen Baker, 150-yards, 5 iron; 14th hole: John Cleary, 141-yards; Coleen Lydon, 129-yards; Trenton: Mike Sandler, 13th hole, 154-yards, 5-hybrid; Phil Lanctot, 15th hole, 114-yards, pitching wedge; Stan Hines, 15th hole, 110-yards, pitching wedge; John Trainor, 15th hole, 114-yards, 8 iron; Yardley: Joanne McVey, 17th hole, 128-yards; Traveling Aces: Belle Vista: Doylestown's Victor Taylor, 125-yard 14th hole, pitching wedge. Blue Bell: Chris Ebersole, 162-yard, 6th hole, 7 iron; Tom Downey, 162-yard 6th hole, 7 iron;  Forsgate (Banks Course): Bensalem's Bruce Cooperman, 175-yard 7th hole, 6 iron; Island Green: Levittown's Christopher Donner, 170-yard 8th hole, 4 iron; Mountain View: Bensalem's Beate Blount, 110-yard 16th hole, 9 iron; Shore Gate: Chalfont's Scott Goldberg, 14th hole, 120-yards, wedge; Sweet Water: 9th hole, 145-yards, 7 iron; Twisted Dune: Middletown's Kevin Lendo, 167-yard 3rd hole, 7 wood


2008: 74 Aces Reported.  Bensalem: Ron D'Andrea, 4th hole, 150-yards, 7 iron; Bill Abbott, 6th hole, 183-yards, 7 wood; Sangkyu Shin, 6th hole, 175-yards, 5 iron; Suk Moon Kang, 6th hole, 183-yards, 7 iron; Jack O'Connor, 11th hole, 155-yards, 4 hybrid Fairways: 3rd hole, 109-yards: Andrew Morgan, Dave Gilson, Joe Kajari, Matthew Sykes, Bud Hoss, David Small, Frank Wilson; 4th hole, 161-yards: Tom Weber; 7th hole, 168-yards: Marian Ziemba, Robert Weber, Joe Cotellese, Jr., Ren Meininger, Nan Luff; 9th hole, 133-yards: Bob Martin, Kevin Lockett, Mike Wallace, Fran Conicella; 14th hole: 134-yards: Michael Kreps. Jericho National: Bill Cummins, 5th hole, 192-yards  Makefield Highlands: Mike Amoroso, 3rd hole, 132-yards, 8 iron; Neal Gordon, 3rd hole, 146-yards, 5 wood; Fred Raccosta, 3rd hole, 146-yards, 8 iron; Jim Gambino, 3rd hole, 132-yards, 7 iron; David Malinowski, 3rd hole, 132-yards, 8 iron; David Herron, 8th hole, 168-yards, 5 iron; Thomas Wilson, 8th hole, 168-yards, 5 iron; Christopher Anderson, 13th hole, Par-4, 254-yards, driver; David Priest, 14th hole, 207-yards, 3 wood; Craig Wilbert, 17th hole, 115-yards, 9 iron; Mike Stiles, 17th hole, 115-yards, 9 iron; Middletown: Dick Lawrence, 6th hole, 192-yards; Lois Perel, 6th hole, 162-yards, driver; Leo Havel, 8th hole, 159-yards, 5 iron; Joe Magaro, 8th hole, 159-yards, 5 wood; Tom Whomsley, 8th hole, 159-yards, 5 iron; James Gut, 5th hole, 197-yards, driver  Neshaminy Valley: 13th hole: Frank Casciani, 128-yards Northampton Valley: Jim Donegan, 3rd hole, 205-yards, 5 wood; Jim Frain, 5th hole, 190-yards, hybrid; Bob Cogan, 5th hole, 156-yards, 3 wood; Herb Rolland, 15th hole, 161-yards, 5 iron; Joe Adams, 15th hole, 161-yards, 5 iron; Paul Zukowski, 15th hole, 161-yards, 6 iron; Ron Galloway, 18th hole, 158-yards, 3 hybrid   Oxford Valley: George Dawydowych, 5th hole, 160-yards; Edward Hyatt, 6th hole, 165-yards, 4 iron; Roger Silvers, 8th hole, 155-yards, 7 iron; Kerry Ann Williams, 7 wood; Spring Mill: Neil Mitchell,  5th hole, 169-yards, 7 iron; Cheryl Seamans, 15th hole, 140-yards, 9 iron. Yardley: Diane Juergensen, 9th hole, 105-yards; Dave Allen, 15th hole, 160-yards. Bella Vista: Bill Press, 138-yard 7th hole, 9 iron; Bellewood: Ed Piccione, 198-yard 8th hole, 5-wood; Blue Bell: Pete Carone, 148-yard 12th hole; Broad Run: Matt Dietsch, 125-yards,  8 iron; Butler Valley: Frank Markward, 130-yard 12th hole, 8 iron; Glen Mills: Joe Lowe, 131-yard 10th hole, 8 iron; Island Green: Jim Straube, 160-yard 5th hole, 7 wood; Limkiln: Warminster's Robert Foulk, 126-yard 6th hole, sand wedge.  Philmont (North): John Simone, 145-yards, 8 iron; Phoenixville: Zachary Herr (13 years-old), 143-yards, 2nd hole, pitching wedge; PineCrest: Jim Bergmann, 127-yard 15th hole, pitching wedge; Stoneybrook, NJ: Jack Weaver, par-4 13th hole, 236-yards, 3-wood.


2007: 56 Aces Reported.  Bensalem: 4th hole: Steve Kozub, 7 iron; Gene Ross, 6 iron; Richard Charlino, 7 iron; 11th hole: Jim Jones, 6 iron; John Lotempio, 7 iron; 14th hole: 5 wood; Fairways: 3rd hole: Joseph Serratore; Stanley Hyman; 4th hole: Tom Brennan; Joyce Delmore; Frank Conrad; 9th hole: Michael Hoffman, Jack Reilly, Justin Conrad, Bill Clancy; 12th hole: Donna Wengiel, Lou Repas, John Lynch; 14th hole: Jim Derhan, James Murnane; 15th hole: Chuck Brooks, Ron Duck, Rick Keeports. Island Green: 5th hole: Scott Balara, 126-yards, 9 iron; 13th hole: Bill DeVece, 170-yards; Makefield Highlands: 3rd hole: Mark Sussman, 5 won,  8th hole: Justin Friedman (8-years old), 13th hole: Tom Phillips, par-4, 251 yards, Driver; 14th hole: Richard Reagan, 199-yards, Hybrid; Michael Greenberg, 205-yards, 3 wood; Dr. Candido Africa, 192-yards, 5 iron; 17th hole: Cliff Simon, 150-yards, 7 wood, Augie Turturro, 116-yards, 9 iron, Matthew Dymbert, 162-yards, 7 iron, Casey Taylor, 133-yards, 9 iron. Middletown: 6th hole: Soonja Nam, 73-yards, 11 wood; Kirby Lohff, 165-yards, 7 wood; Skip Gonzalez, 165-yards, 6 iron; Patty Warusz, 109-yards, 5 iron; 14th hole: Angelo Nalli, 174-yards, 3 iron. Neshaminy Valley: 3rd hole: Sara Binkley, 117-yards, 7 iron, Billy Costopolis, 129-yards, pw; 6th hole: Matt Sackett, 219-yards, driver; 13th hole: Ralph Dawson, 148-yards, 7 iron, Connor Clemens, 148-yards, 8 iron; Northampton Valley: 5th hole: Mike Garfinkle, 175-yards, 5 iron; 18th hole: Jim Grebe, 185-yards, Dan Dunigan, 185-yards, 6 iron.  Oxford Valley: 6th hole: Shawn Blackford, 165-yards, 6 iron, Raymond Radcliffe, 165,yards, 5 iron, Carol Parsons, 135-yards, 5 iron; 8th hole: Kerry Ann Williams, 136-yards; Yardley: 9th hole: Darlene Deo, 105-yards, 8 iron; Philadelphia CricketL  Beth Campagna, 5th hole, 114-yards 6 iron. Pine Lakes, N.C.: Jack Constantine, 3rd hole, 153-yards, 6 iron; Entrada, UT: Langhorne's Brittany Benvenuto, 167-yard 8th hole, 6 iron


2006: 51 Aces Reported. Bensalem; 4th hole: Joe Sheridan, Jack Weaver; 6th hole: Vic Hnatczenko, Sr., Pyong Sun; 11th hole: Robert Axelrod, Manuel Whitaker, Jeff Stern; Bucks Club: 16th hole, Pat Lyons. Fairways: 3rd hole: Lynn Lewis, Bill LaBarge; 7th hole: Mart Kurel, Bob Mack; 9th hole: Wayne Waters; 12th hole: Walt Blizard, Jr., Bill Kistler, Rick Romano; 14th hole: Scott Schwebel, William Cinque, Michael Fehrs, Bob Stutz, Joe Shumock; 15th hole: Charles Wolf.  Jericho National: 2nd hole: Brian Glancey. Bob Bonner (pro), 3rd hole, 339-yards, driver (12th hole-in-one of career); Paul Ridings, 4th hole, 284-yards, driver; 12th hole: Neil Werberg, 136-yards, 9 iron; Rich Speranza, 138-yards, 8 iron; Ralph Kelly, 136-yards, pitching wedge; Makefield Highlands: 3rd hole: Neil Wachter, 8th hole: Doug Placek, David Rowe, Dave Clee, Joshua Frake; 14th hole: Stephen Costello, 17th hole: Frank Koehm. Middletown: 6th hole: Jason McGinty, Dr. Richard Gensler; 8th hole: Jim Galvano, Danny Wilson, Ann Harie Hunter, Bill Toellner, Stan Gadiel. Neshaminy Valley: 17th hole: Mark Haban, 174-yards, 7 wood; Northampton Valley: 3rd hole: William Valois; 18th hole, Marc Puricelli; Yardley: 9th hole: Eileen Sweeney (2nd ace in 14 days); Island Green: 13th hole: Jim Connolly, 13th hole, 170-yards, 5 iron; Massanuttan, Va.: 8th hole: Yardley's Eileen Sweeney.Shawnee Inn: 7th hole: Jon Rusk. Tamiment: 2nd hole: Steve Byers; Turtle Creek: 3rd hole: Penndel's Zachary Wehrman (in PIAA District One Championships).


2005: 50 Aces Reported.  Bensalem: 4th hole: Bill McCool; Bill Jackson; 6th hole: Young Kwon Lee; 11th hole: Ron Finley, Steve Frost, Chris Marcakis; 14th hole: Len Carey.  Fairways: 7th hole: Walt Blizrd, Norm Lies; 9th hole: Brian Kelly; 12th hole: Bill Watts; 15th hole: Frank Olson. Makefield Highlands: 3rd hole: Scott Collins; Bill Nash, Paul Machemer, Frank Mullen; 13th hole: Ron Mercanti; 14th hole: Jim Doyle, Sr.; 17th hole: Mark Pemke, Nicholas Giordano; Middletown: 10th hole: Paul Congdon, Terry Schweikert; Neshaminy Valley: 13th: Elaine Marchione: 17th hole: Hockey Miller.  Northampton Valley: 5th hole: Frank Clemente, 15th hole: Martin Bradley; Oxford Valley: 3rd hole, Matt Johnson, 245-yards (par-4); Spring Mill: Tori Wigland; Trenton: 5th hole: Ross Martinson, Doug Cierniak. 10th hole: Gail Long, Brianna Suarez; 13th hole: Robert Biggs, Marie Roberts; 15th hole: Al Hickman.  Yardley: 9th hole: Judy Schreiber; 15th hole: Garry Kershbaumer, Joe Daddario, George Croden. Arrowhead: 13th hole, Yardley's Greg Greene. Commonwealth National: 8th hole: Jim Craig. Dunegrass (Maine): 13th hole: John "Skip" Duffy. Seaview (Bay Course): 11th hole: Adam Wnuk; Beden's Brook: 6th hole: Bob Bonner, 8 iron; 13th hole: Keith Devos. Island Green: 5th hole: Roger Bulling; Patriot's Glen: 13th hole: Joe Lowe. Twining Valley: 16th hole: Eric Hellmann.


2004: 41 Aces Reported. Bensalem: 1st hole: Chris Peterson, 303-yards, 2 wood; 11th hole: Ron Sherratt. Fairways: 3rd hole: Denis Hurley; 9th hole: Lou Repas; 14th hole: Brian Daily; 15th hole: Connor McSween, Mitzi Pack. Jericho National: 2nd hole: Harry Gaines; 5th hole: John Antolino,  John Lapeire, Nelson Redante; 12th hole: Jeff Carugati. Makefield Highlands:  3rd hole: Paul Park; 17th hole: Gerry Umfer, Michael Casey, Paul Cervellero, Curt Keller, Robert Hilzer;  Middletown: 3rd hole: Bob Trombino, Jr. 6th hole: Luanne Socha, Rich Schultz; 8th hole: Dan Murphy; 10th hole: Terry Schweikert. Neshaminy Valley: 13th hole: Frank Yannett. Northampton Valley: 5th hole: Chris Robbins; Spring Mill: Joe Haas, Jr. Trenton: 5th hole: Melanie Erhardt, Hal Chappel; 10th hole: Tony Petsis; 15th hole: Tom Lear, Mary Bricker. Yardley: 9th hole: Scott Glennie. John F. Byrne: 13th hole: Chuck Cramer, John "Casey" Columbo. Cedarbrook: 13th hole: Doylestown's Scott Morris. Hills of Perkimoen: 9th hole: Russ Snyder. Long Bay Club, Mike Zackowski. LuLu: 4th hole: Joan Dansbury;  Riverton: 16th hole: Brian Ferrie; Sandbarrens: 8th hole: Fairless Hills' Robert Garzarelli; Wedgewood: 4th hole: Elvy Reilly.


2003: 34 Aces Reported: Bensalem: 4th hole: Mike Carmody, Roggie Miller; 6th hole: Bob Griffis, Bill Vandergrift; 11th hole: Bob Byrne, Frank Guarrieri, Ben Mastridge; 14th hole: Peter Karmilowicz; Fairways: 3rd hole: James Webb, Lou Repas, Jack Trembath; 4th hole: Mike Brown; 9th hole: Charles Schuck, Russ Diamond; 12th hole: Robert Pepe; 15th hole: John Baldasari, Glenn Miller. Island Green: 8th hole: Jonathon Constantino, Richard Karl; 15th hole: Bill Brander,  Jericho National: 12th hole: Tony Badolato, Mark Brody; Middletown: 3rd hole: Jonathan Sweeney, Michael L. Silverman; Northampton Valley: 15th hole, 171-yards, Mike Zackowski, 6 iron; Spring Mill, 15h hole: Mike Seltzer, Bob Emery; Yardley: 9th hole: Dick Hartman, Dick Sabourin. Out of area: Avalon: 11th hole: Jim Gavaghan; 17th hole: Ross Ewing, Cam Rothchild; Hanover (Chesterfield, NJ): Morrisville's Liz Walsh;  Pinelands: 7th hole, Bucks County's Billy Meenan. Players Course, S.C. - 2nd hole, Levittown's Joe Colpo.


2002: 34 Aces Reported: Bensalem: 4th hole: Chris Donnelly; 11th hole: Dave Coniella; Fairways: 3rd hole: Brian Cartwright; 7th hole: Jim Harrigan; 9th hole: John Winn, Sandie Hakos, Pat Crean, Mary Burczynski; 14th hole: Dan Reising, Lee Capps; 15th hole: Robert Coates, Marty Stern, Robert Kim; Fox Hollow: 14th hole: David Rostkowski, Robert T. Collins, Jericho National: 3rd hole (par-4): Bob Bonner; 8th hole (284-yard short tees): Paul Ridings; 12th hole: Neil Werberg, Ralph Kelly. Middletown: 6th hole: Andrew Gilmore; 10th hole: Pete McCarthy; Oxford Valley: 5th Hole: Gary Malone, Beverly Weaver; 9th hole: Barbara Yakos, Francine Potvin, Bill Turner, Nate Richardson; Torresdale-Frankford: 17th hole: Joan Saxman. Trenton: 5th hole: Russ Hamm; 10th hole: Raul Calle, Mike Siebert; Warminster Five Ponds: 11th hole: Tony Abate; Yardley: 9th hole: Edward Damutz. Bay Tree (North Myrtle Beach): Bensalem's Ed Williams.


2001: 40 Aces Reported: Bensalem: 6th hole: Steve Dempsey; 14th hole:Bruce Offner, Bill Gunerman. Five Ponds: 11th hole: Tony Abate, Michael Gettis. Fairways: 3rd hole: Lee Capps; 6th hole: Mike Knouse; 9th hole: Frank Lucci, Marty Murray, Tom Wagner; 12th hole: Bob McNulty; 14th hole: Walter Joppy. Island Green: 13th hole: Bert Capecci; Middletown: 6th hole: Lu Ann Robidoux; 8th hole: Brian Murphy; 10th hole: Marsha Gorlaski, Jerry Gibbons; 17th hole: Dr. Paul Bizzaro. Neshaminy Valley: 13th hole: George Schneider. Yardley: 9th hole: Mary Yannett (2nd of year); Glenn Smeraglio; Jim Bruno; 15th hole: Bob Goecker, Mary Yannett; Shelly Kasrek, Bob Kelly, Aaron Hibbs, Ken Terry, Barbara Kernan; 17th hole: 111-yard tees, 11-year-old Warren Taylor. Trenton: 10th hole: Dale Wright; 15th hole: Dr. William Hardesty;  Beach Club: 17th hole: Levittown 13-year-old Christopher Slizka; John F. Byrne: 13th hole: Brian Graham; Cream Ridge: 4th hole: Churchville's Scott Remmey; DuPont: 13th hole: LPGA competitor Rosie Jones; Hideaway Hills: 3rd hole: Langhorne's Gil Howland. Pickering Valley: 6th hole: Feasterville's Terry O'Leary, Jr.; Stony Brook: Morrisville's Carmella Neumann.


2000: 25 Aces reported: Bensalem: 11th hole: Tom Heuston, 146-yards, 9 iron; Fairways: 9th hole: Frank Lucci, Gerald Supplee; Fox Hollow: 3rd hole: 164-yards: John Wierzbicki, Michael Bork; 8th Hole: Missy Shock, 139-yards, 5 iron; Jericho National: 15th hole: Braden Goughler, 216-yards; Middletown: 8th hole: Fred Backhaus III, Mike Martin, Carl Evans; Neshaminy Valley: 3rd hole: Bob Bennett, Riley Graziano; 13th hole: John Held, Bill Gravino; 15th hole: Miles Smeyne; Connor McGillicuty: Oxford Valley: 9th hole: Pam Weaver, Sally Cline; Warminster Five Ponds: 3rd hole: "Cat" Johnson, 162-yards, 5 iron; 17th hole: Roger Dawson, 154-yards, 5 iron.  Limkiln: 6th hole: Churchville's Mike Perzel, Mahoning Valley: 13th hole, Chalfon't Joe Svetik; Manufacturer's: Oreland's Tom Gilmore. Mercer Oaks: 16th hole, Mark Martin; Skippack: 5th hole: Richboro's Ralph Kennedy


1999: 36 Aces Reported: Bensalem: Gus Bogiatzis, 4th hole, 144-yards, 7 iron; Dan Fossile, Sr., 6th hole, 183-yards, 5 wood; Al Maddocks, 11th hole, 150-yards, 7 iron.  Neshaminy Valley: Tony Mama (3rd hole); Bob Goodwin (13th hole); Jack Constantino, (13th hole); Northampton Valley: Kent Gardner (2nd hole); William Aurand (6th hole); Gary Romett (6th hole); Bob Bergmann (9th hole); Jim Berkey (14th hole), Tom Haney (14th hole); Middletown: Joseph Andrescavage (6th hole); Rob Seraphim (8th hole); Oxford Valley: Dan Lengyel, par-3, 165-yard, 6th hole, 4 iron; Also: John Later (third hole), Eric Tosti (8th hole), Patty Erhardt and Charles Dickert (5th hole), Steven Shapiro (sixth hole). Trenton: Dale Wright, 15th hole, par-3, 110-yards, 7 iron; Jeff Posta, 5th hole, 185-yards, 5 iron; Yardley: Craig Mysliwiec, 9th hole, 130-yards, 9 iron; Judy Lee, 9th hole, 105-yards, 9 iron; John Lavan, 15th hole, 155-yards, 7 wood; Carman Nini, 15th hole, 155-yards, 7 wood; Brookside: Andrew Staslo. Huntingdon Valley: Doylestown's Rick Gazda, 5th hole, 148 yards, pitching wedge;  Merion (East): Warrington's Paul Eck, 9th hole, 132-yards, 9 iron. Sand Barrens, N.J.: Claire Wells, 5th hole, 140-yards; Stonebrook, NJ: Bensalem's Doris Sooby (two), 17th hole, 125-yards, 5 wood; 18th hole, 85-yard, 9 iron; Southmoore: Dick Eastburn. Huntingdon Valley: 5th hole: Doylestown's Rich Gazda, 149 pards, pitching wedge; Philmont (North): 17th hole: Ivyland's Salme Svensson: Turtle Creek: Bensalem's Hank Quinn (16th hole).


1998: 20 Aces Reported.  Bensalem: 4th hole: Matt Foust. Neshaminy Valley: 3rd hole: Michael Richardson; Northampton Valley: 6th hole:, Jim Vaughan, Joe Blair, Dave Goffman; 14th hole: Chris Radano, Rich White. Oxford Valley: 6th hole: Darren O'Neill, Jerry Long, William Garner, 165-yards, 8th hole: Bill Blank, Carol Connolly, Scott Deskin, 155-yards. Trenton: 15th hole: Michael McDonald. Yardley: 9th hole: John Rogers, 141-yards, pitching wedge; Mark Vegotsky, 145-yards, pitching wedge; 15th hole: Don Senior, 141-yards, 8 iron;  Pinecrest: 11th hole: Langhorne's Steve Landolfi, Jr. (12-year-old); Shawnee Inn: 7th hole: Yardley's Jon Rusk;  Wildwood: Levittown's Mac Ruggerio

1997: 18 Aces Reported. Bensalem: 4th hole, 144-yards: Dick Rogers, Mike Monscour: Fox Hollow:16th hole, Scott Wycoff, 128-yards; Neshaminy Valley: 3rd hole: Ronald Wells, Jon Christie, Darren O'Neill; Northampton Valley:  14th hole, 186-yards: Rich White, 4 iron; Jonathan Zwicker, 3 wood; Steve Acevedo, 4 wood; Roger Gathwaite, 4 iron; Franklin Roosevelt: Bristol's George Long, 8th hole, 151-yards;  Oxford Valley: 6th hole: Billy Rogers, William Smyth, Pickering Valley: Roscoe Smith; Ponderlodge, N.J.: Janet Pennewell, 8th hole, 139-yards; Torresdale-Frankford: 9th hole: Bill Richardson, John Calabreeze; 14th hole: Sean Connolly.


1996: 45 aces reported. Bensalem: 4th hole: George Burkhardt, Joe Collins, Frank Valora, Brian Bostic, George McLean, Mick Simmonds; 6th hole: Chris Booth, Peter Chidoucas, Joe Trunfio; 7th hole: Bob Bonner (eighth career ace, driver on 301-yard hole); 11th hole: James Pote, Mike Maddalo, Mark Farrell, Ed Riordan; Middletown: 3rd hole: Keith Kellogg; 6th hole: Gene Ramagli, Scott Kapian, Sister Clair Carty, Rocky Graziano; 8th hole: Tom McMenamin; 10th hole: Joseph Barrett (13th career ace, 70 years old, now in Florida); Ed Benson, Bill Palmer; 17th hole: Tim Norton; Neshaminy Valley: 3rd hole: Mark Tregembo. Northampton Valley: 6th hole: Darma Le; 12th hole: Dom DiGiacobbe. Oxford Valley: 8th hole: Stephen Crom.  Yardley: 9th hole: Dave Tickel, Steve Tolkach; 15th hole: Dick Strauss, Tony DiMinno. Beden's Brook: 6th hole: Bob Bonner, 8 iron; 13th hole: Keith Devos.  Castle Harbour, Bermuda: 3rd hole: Jerry Kane. Commonwealth National: 7th hole: Mark Tompkins. Fox Hollow: 8th hole: Jack Moyer. Homestead: 9th hole: Dan Helmick. Philadelphia Cricket: 17th hole: Robert Siegeler. Pinehurst Plantation: Carol Helmick; Torresdale-Frankford: 9th hole: Jack McGeever, Jim McKissick; 11th hole: John Penrose; 14th hole: Pat Vitale. Trenton: 13th hole: Ron White, Earl Cathcart; 15th hole: Jim Davis; Dave Reedman, Al Anthony, Carol Loser; Valley Forge: 8th hole: Rich Vallejo. US Amateur: Pumpkin Ridge, Witch Hollow Course: 15th hole, 175-yards, Duke Delcher, 6 iron.   

1995: 55 aces reported: Bensalem: 4th hole: Larry Uhr, John Davis, Robert Miller, John Fiore, Ted Lewardowski; 6th hole: Sam Livengood, Doug Trostel, James McGrath, Haryy Rubanoff, Fred Carr, Michael Scartoli, Frank Cantwell, Ray Flaville. Middletown: 6th hole: Ward Vinson, Tom Kilroy, Brian Russell, Ruth McComb, Bob Carpenter, Roger Carduzo, Sam Peterezzi, Kim Webster, Carles Barr, Ralph Ormsby; 8th hole: Sam Petrizzi, Len Brown, Bill Johnson, Craig Kustaborder, Si Falcey; 12th hole: Steve Schuster; 14th hole: Bob Martin; Northampton Valley: 12th hole: Doug Dotzman. Oxford Valley: 5th hole: Bernie Mizenko; 6th hole: Bob Yatsko, Fran Quinn, Jr., Ray Brady, Marty Reid; 7th hole: Mike Yauger; 8th hole: Ira Dorne, Bob Curry; 9th hole: John Mixner, Jong Soolee, Charlie Jones, Bob Yatsko. Trenton: 13th hole: Earl Cathcart; 15th hole: Robert S. Collins. Yardley: 9th hole: Tony DiMinno, Jim Ellis; 15th hole: Bob Kelly, Spencer Parks; Beden's Brook: Bob Bonner, 16th hole, 210-yards, 4 iron. Cranbury: 11th hole: Norm Sutton. John F. Byrne: 13th hole: Shawn Heisse; 15th hole: Herb Heisse. Little Mill: Bill Mlkvy ("The Owl with a Vowel").


Other Notables: 1992: Bob Bonner had three aces, Bensalem's 5th hole (driver), J.F. Byrne's 3rd hole (sand wedge) and PineCrest's 14th hole (sand wedge). 1991: Bob Bonner, Bensalem's 7th hole (driver) and 14th hole (3 iron). Jim Riley, Neshaminy's par-4 17th hole (driver). Tom Borsavage (NVCC head pro) at Squires. 1990: Sam Troop scored two aces at Bensalem; Dan Duffy (then 13) scored an ace at Trenton; Gene Cimino, Middletown's 6th hole, 10-iron; John Madison, Bensalem's 4th hole, 5-wood. 1987: Jay Sigel scored ace in Philadelphia Amateur at Torresdale-Frankford. He used a 5 iron for the 212-yard test. 1979: Oliver G. "Chip" Brewer, age 14, scores first of three career aces. Brewer is the President and CEO of Callaway Golf Co. and attended Lower Moreland High School.